Nogizakatte doko? Episode 173

Here we go!

I hope you all will enjoy the second installment of the valentines special.
As always, there are some translation errors but nothing major

Without further ado(or perhaps you all have skipped this little bit of text and went to link without reading :)), Here is the link to the episode!

Daily Motion


Nogizakatte doko? Episode 173

9 reaktioner på ”Nogizakatte doko? Episode 173

  1. rXa skriver:

    thank you..
    can’t wait to see nanamin’s gift, i wonder what’s inside that big wrap XD
    i’m not skipping that little bit of text, by the way.. :p


  2. vaanstellar skriver:

    Thank for sub, really appreciate it,
    i really enjoyed the first part (manatsu is my oshi)
    hope this one also good 😀



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